To achieve the highest wine quality in our wines we take into account three important elements which are the variety, the work on the terroir and a constant adaptation to the vintage.

The Cabernet Franc

The historical diversity of the Loire Valley was carried by the pilgrims when they came back from Santiago de Compostela, Spain many centuries ago. The Cabernet Franc has found its perfect terroir to develop in Cravant les Coteaux.

Its subtle aromas of red fruit and soft tannins contribute to its recognized prestige.

In Domaine de Pallus we make an effort to keep and preserve all the genuineness and great qualities of this unique wine variety.

The Terroir and the Ecological Agriculture

Terroir in the wine world means the backbone of the soil. We must respect the richness and the diversity of the terroir so as to identify the morphology in our wines.

In Domaine de Pallus we decided to start working our soils in an ecological way not only because we must respect our ecosystem but also because we consider that working the soil in this way is the best choice to carry out the genetics of our soils into our grapes.

Throughout biodynamic, Bertrand Sourdais takes care of his terroir with natural treatments such as the 500 treatment and his own compost.

As each vintage is different, Domaine de Pallus works its vines depending on the weather conditions. For instance, the works of the green pruning are done earlier and the thinning of the bunches is more severe in a dry vintage.

Every task is decided in real time to preserve the welfare of the vine and to appreciate the small things in each vintage.