The Temptress

Winter was soft, mild and with no rain. On 8 March we registered that the grapevine kept on bleeding from January. That meant that the terroir had not been completely cooled down and the vine had not had a deep winter rest period.

April was still good and dry. That meant that the sprout happened very early on 3 April. We observed that the flora around reacted in the same way and the flowering of the lilies of the valley happened on 12 April instead of the 1 May as it used to be.

From 8 to 20 April temperatures dropped from 2ºC to 0ºC nearly reaching the disaster, but the lack of humidity avoided a strong frost. Unfortunately, this situation continued till the frost  which provoked the loss of the 15% production on28 April.

The good weather came back and the flowering was early and quick. Maybe the quickest flowering ever seen so far, it only took 7 days with a great aroma intensity. On the contrary, a common flowering needs 15 days.

In June it was very hot registering 38ºC in Domaine de Pallus. This summer heat wave lasted from 15 June to the end of July. The bunches remained small due to this extreme heat. The envero started on 31 July. In August the temperatures were cool and rain made the envero slow down.

In September everything changed with sunny days. The harvest took place between 18 and 19 September thanks to this great end of the season.


  • “Les Pensées de Pallus” 110 barrels: 33000 bottles.
  • “La Rougerie” 10 barrels: 3000 bottles.
  • “La Croix Boissée” 6 barrels: 1600 bottles.
  • “Le Coq de Pallus Blanc” 1 400-liter barrel: 490 bottles

Vintage 2017 characterized by the whims of nature.Summer heat wave and drought in spring made wines get a great intensity. The very quick and aromatic flower gave a precision in tannins and a homogenous ripening in the whole vine.

2017 gave good bunches but with little juice caused by the dry year which produced a high density in the wines.

Once more, cabertnet franc reacted perfectly offering a little acid but sweet, dense, precise and very comfortable vintage.

2017 vintage is magnificient, the sensitive amateurs are seduced by this vintage.

The Fighter!

Vintage characterized by the frost on 20 April.

After a timid and mild winter, February and March were cold provoking a delay in the vine. April was mild and the sprout appeared quickly.

Unfortunately, the frost on 27 (above -2ºC) was devastating and it brought back bitter memories from the disaster happened in 1991.

Spring was cool with good rainfall in May. The temperature returned to normal in the middle of June. We noted down the flowering on 15 June.

Summer was good and mainly  dry with really low minimum temperatures. We registered 7ºC on 15 July and 6ºC on 11 August.

The envero started on 16 August.

The drought still remained at the beginning of September. However, the rains (36 mm) on 14, 15 and 16 September let the vine find the perfect conditions for the end of the ripening process.


  • “Les Pensées de Pallus” 62 barrels: 18900 bottles.
  • “La Rougerie” 3 barrels: 850 bottles.
  • “Le Coq de Pallus Blanc” 1 barrel: 430 bottles.

Despite the weather conditions the cabernet franc behaved well.

The impact of the ice offered low yields, but a wine of a great density.

Vintage 2016 gave a good structure to the wines thanks to a right end of the season and also to a great delicacy and expressivity in mouth.

Precision and discretion!

A cold winter with few good days in February and without a common springtime.

We registered  little and late grapewine bleeding on 4 March.

The return of the swallows announced a warm and good month on 5 April and the sprout on 14 April.

The beginning of May was warm reaching 30ºC. There was an early flowering. We observed a very early flowering on 31 May.

In the second half of June, it was very cool with the drop in temperature and rain (50mm) on 14 June.

July  was very warm and  had the effects of the summer heat wave. The vine was able to support well thanks to the rains in June.

By the end of July and during August, the temperatures dropped a lot with temperature minimum of 15ºC during the day and weak rains. This situation made the vine have a rest!

From 23 to 26 August there was a strong rainfall (70mm)  comforting the vine.

At the end of August and the beginning of September, the climate was good and warm, a perfect climate to finish the season.

The harvest was early for the rosé on 15 September and for the red wines from 19 to 29 September.


  • “Les Pensées de Pallus” 104 barrels: 30600 bottles.
  • “La Rougerie” 5 barrels: 1300 bottles.
  • “La Croix Boissée” 6 barrels: 1500 bottles.
  • “Le Coq de Pallus Blanc” 1 600-liter barrel: 780 bottles.

Vintage 2015 is probably the one which we desire for the great wines. A year without any difficulty with rains and good climate is the result of a perfect balance for the wines.

A vintage with a high balance where each element, acidity, aroma, tannins and alcohol have a complete precision.

Vintage 2015 is considered to be as one of the greatest vintages in the 2010´s though it is less popular than the previous vintage.

Time for maturity!

Vines grew quickly due to a mild winter in 2014. The sprouts started to swell quite early and the vine sprouted on 30 March.

The beginning of the spring was very dry so there was a delay in the growth of the vine.

By the end of May there was a lot of rain and the flowering happened on 9 June.

Summer was cool and rainy and this situation caused a delay. The ripening started from 11 to 29 August.

After an unstable weather at the beginning of the year, at last the weather was warm and dry at the beginning of September and the ripening of the grapes remained stable.

The whole September was perfect in terms of weather with no rain, sunny days and high average temperatures.

The harvest started on 25 September and finished on 4 October.


  • “Les Pensées de Pallus” 115barrels: 34000 bottles.
  • “La Rougerie” 4 barrels: 1100 bottles.
  • “Le Grand Vin de Pallus” 3 barrels: 900 bottles.
  • “Coq de Pallus Blanc” 1 600-liter barrel: 750 bottles.

The year ended in an unforgettable culmination, we can appreciate a mature and elegant vintage 2014 in mouth.

Wine lovers find the great qualities of the crus in Domaine de Pallus in this vintage 2014.

Saved from the waters!

It was very rainy and cool in winter in 2013. The rain remained and consequently, it provoked a delay in the vegetative cycle during the spring. At the end of May although it still rained the flowering appeared just in time. This situation proved that the old vines have a solid genetic heritage.

On 17 June, 3 a.m. there was a hailstorm which made the harvest to be divided in two. Rains continued to fall and as a  consequence there was an attack of downy mildew in the middle of August. However, once again the vine fought back and resisted well.

The great days at the beginning of September contributed to the right grape ripening.


  • “Les Pensées de Pallus” 81 barrels: 24000 bottles
  • “Grand Vin de Pallus” 7 barrels: 2000 bottles
  • “Coq de Pallus Blanc” 1 600-liter barrel: 780 bottles.

Despite the bad weather, we insisted on working on the vegetation and threw away all the destroyed or damaged grapes due to the hailstorm to keep only the best grapes to strengthen their quality.

This manual and detailed work will be rewarded by a gentle cycle.