Domaine de Pallus Cabernet Franc 2017

Cabernet franc, the historical cépage.

The cabernet franc comes from the Basque Country, in Spain, from where it was introduced by the pilgrims of the Camino de Santiago on their return from Santiago de Compostela in the villages of Messanges and Cap-Breton (another name for this variety).

It soared the oceans and the Loire and established itself in the ancient Touraine. Its trail can be found in 1151 at Bourgeil Abbey, from where it would naturally settle in Chinon. For a thousand years, she has reigned masterfully over the Valley of the Kings. Despite all attempts to introduce new varieties in the area, it will always prevail over the rest and will never be dethroned. This variety is the only one able to interpret the soils and climate of the Loire region, and that makes it the historic variety of the great wines of Chinon.

The tenderness and freshness of the cuvée Cabernet Franc can be enjoyed sharing among friends in a terrace but, due to its floral and spicy character it will also be fantastic around the table with the best Rabelesian dishes, Sainte-Maure chees or some rillons from Tours.

With this cuvée, Domaine de Pallus reveals the charm and historical character of the cabernet franc, as well as the “savoir-faire” of the winery since 1889.

Technical sheet: Domaine de Pallus Cabernet Franc comes from plots of young vines planted at a density of 8000 feet/Ha and massal selection from the domaine itself, as well as from Domaine des Ouches, in Bourgueil and Clos Rougeard in Saumur Champigny.

Vineyard: 2,70 Ha around the domaine

Grape variety: cabernet franc

Soils: sandy, calacareous slopes

Biodynamic wine growing and hand harvest


  • 8 days maceration in concrete tanks
  • Indigenous yeasts
  • Low temperature fermentation
  • 6 months ageing in barrels

Average yield: 40 hl/H