Le Clos de Pallus

Le Clos de Pallus monopole de Domaine de Pallus is the most familiar plot of the estate, as we all cross it every day to reach the winery.

With southeast exposure, it is part of the earliest vineyards of the domaine and is, in a way, our reference in terms of cabernet franc.

To make this cru just the final part of the plot is harvested, representing about 1 ha of old vines planted on the richest area.

The result is a wine in which the character of the old vineyard prevails and where the cabernet franc manages to transmit wisely the most ancestral truths of the plot.

Technical sheet:

Vineyard: Cravant les Coteaux
Grape variety: cabernet franc
Plot of land: 1.97 ha planted in two times in 1962 to 5000 vines/ha.
Terroir: siliceous clay over calcareous rock
Biodynamic wine growing
Average yield: 30hl/ ha
100% destemming
Individual vinification in 30 hl open-wooden deposits
Fermentation 25 to 30 days
Ageing of 18 months in Bourgogne barrels between 5-10 years