Les Pensées de Pallus

The revolution of a great classic

Cravant Les Coteaux, proud of its outstanding terroir, of its ideally exposed hill and its old vines inherited from an ancestral heritage, is the jewel of the Chinon wines.
Les Pensées de Pallus comes from the best vines of this terroir and has always been the finest cru among the wines of Chinon.

In 2013, searching for a better quality and looking for perfection, Bertrand Sourdais decides to stir this wine up and concentrate only on the exceptional vines on the side of the hill, just a few hectares.

The wine, which used to be the assembly of various plots, becomes a terroir wine that provides a stunning and undeniably dense mouth-feel. The quality of this sandy, calcareous soil, its exposition to hours of sunlight on the hill and the wine making procedures make Les Pensées de Pallus the “premier cru” of the Domaine!

Wine Profile:

Vines from Cravant les Coteaux
Grape variety: cabernet franc
Plot: Terrace in the middle of the slope in Pallus
Soil: Sand with rocks rich in iron over calcareous
Crop: Biodynamic
Average yield: 34 hectoliter per hectare
Vinification: Fermentation and maceration in concrete wine tanks for 21 days using indigenous yeasts
Crianza: 12 months in Burgundy barrels. Later, 6 months in concrete wine tanks